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Client Case Studies


In real estate, a common refrain is that only three things matter for any property, “location, location, location.” But increasingly, “internet, internet, internet” has become the distinguishing property characteristic and an important pain point for office tenants.

Innovative building owners, developers, and operators are increasingly realizing that giving tenants better internet, faster set-up, and secure connections in public spaces is a clear competitive advantage.

BPN's role for this telecom client was to provide financial analysis, decision-making support, and strategic advice to scale their business and attract outside capital.


Mass migration from rural to urban areas will drive the need to build homes for more than a billion people across the globe by 2030. In order to meet the world’s needs for high quality and affordable homes, the residential construction industry must be fundamentally transformed.

A family office client looking to capitalize on this opportunity enlisted BPN's financial analysis, decision-making support, and strategic advice to zero in on the key drivers of its investment in BUILDCO, a residential construction firm. BPN was also leveraged to help finalize a capital plan and clearly present BUILDCO to developers and potential capital providers.


A bird's-eye view allows satellites to see large areas of Earth at one time, enabling users to collect data more quickly than land-based instruments. Add in decision-grade analytics, and you have the potential to radically improve productivity, efficiency, and output in multiple major sectors of the economy. 

SATCO, a satellite company with a meaningfully different constellation architecture, engaged BPN to help quantify the customer benefits arising from full adoption of their revolutionary satellite monitoring and analytics solution.


In the healthcare industry, there are no reliable and efficient ways for providers around the world to refer patients, and as a result 40-50% of patient referrals are never scheduled. Our client wanted to know if Refer-a-Doc would be a good investment for their family office.

Doc. Co’s physician referral platform would provide a seamless way for doctors to schedule referrals, and each scheduled referral would pay the company $5, with 1 referral/day/doctor. This would result in approximately 250/referrals/year/doctor, for ~ $1,250 revenue/year/doctor. Depending on market penetration curves, $100 customer acquisition costs drives a ROI of 1,000%.


Doc. Co.